Experts say selective breeding can produce heat-tolerant corals.

Three out of four turtle populations risk cadmium contamination, according to scientists.

China says it has created the world’s fastest wind tunnel.

Experts are testing faecal transplants as a treatment option for people living with Parkinson’s.

There has been a breakthrough in a 20-year quest for the genetic basis for a facial deformity condition.

Researchers are studying magic mushroom ‘microdosing’ as a way to improve mental health and performance.

Some parents have become concerned about petroleum giant Woodside’s presence in schools.

Engineers are working on ways to ‘grow’ electronic components directly onto a semiconductor block.

Australian scientists have set a new record for solar cell efficiency.

A new program seeks to improve the understanding of and responses to mental health issues for young women.

Experts say classroom-style learning could become the norm for programming ethical, trustworthy robots.

A new survey suggests the groups that fund research often seek control of results.

New research shows logged forests near regional and rural towns are at increased risk of higher fire severity.

New research shows microscopic marine bugs are battling with microplastics.

A new prototype can harvest double the power from ocean waves as previous designs.

Wastewater samples have revealed a shift in Australian drug use.

Australia is moving forward with a new system to identify the origin of seafood using portable x-ray machines.

Newly engineered nanoparticles could soon be used to treat drug-resistant fungal infections.

The Southern Hemisphere’s first underground dark matter physics laboratory should be ready by the end of the year.

Experts say Australian industries will soon pay for their emissions through overseas taxes.

Research undertaken for Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA) suggests the frequency of high-risk bushfire days could triple in some parts of Victoria in coming decades.

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