A new study finds crayfish can be affected by antidepressants that find their way into water.

Researchers are mapping the world’s vast underwater forests.

Australia’s system for hepatitis B screening is failing a third of people living with the chronic disease, according to experts.

Lithuanian scientists have come up with a way to turn laundry lint into electricity.

The Prime Minister has signed deals with Japan and Germany to develop technology for “a net zero emissions future”.

New research has uncovered one of the techniques that the human brain uses to solidify new information.

New research has tested the effectiveness of soft drink ads, and found them hard to resist for many young people.

Experts have made a series of recommendations to pandemic-proof Australia’s education sector.

A seven-year survey of algal blooms shows things are changing around the world.

Tardigrades may have lost their title as the world’s most resilient beasts.

Experts say artificial light is hurting clownfish.

CSIRO says wind and solar are the cheapest sources of new electricity generation capacity in Australia.

Experts say around 4 in 10 heat related deaths are due to climate change.

The world's lakes are rapidly losing oxygen as the planet warms.

Experts have plotted the rise and fall of the largest known lake in Earth’s history.

New research shows the myriad uses that Indigenous Australians had for South East Queensland’s eucalypt trees.

Australian engineers are working on new methods to capture CO2 and turn it into useful products.

Researchers are finding more and more uses for the ‘unboil an egg machine’.

New Australian research provides a fundamental advance in understanding T-cell immunity.

Australian researchers are creating sun-safe school uniforms based on cutting-edge science.

South Australia has hit a hitch in its plan to quarantine returning international students.

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