A new survey suggests marketing is key to vaccine uptake.

A Phase 3 clinical trial in the US shows therapy on ecstasy could treat severe PTSD.

Australian engineers have come up with a new antimicrobial surface that massively reduces bacteria build-up.

Australian scientists are feeding the world’s hunger for new solar technologies, serving up a high-tech sandwich.

Australia needs cyber tools to keep up in the space arms race, according to the head of the national Space Agency.

Woodside Energy has given some details on how it codes its robots.

The Australian National University has committed to reducing carbon emissions to below zero by 2030.

A five-year study of Australia's ‘Closing the Gap’ program suggests it is largely failing.

Farmers and residents are turning to double-strength poison baits amid an ongoing mouse plague in NSW.

Experts say disabled academics often lack support from their institutions.

New research suggests corals can swap out their resident algae for more climate change tolerant friends.

Experts say some of Victoria's water catchments have not recovered from the Millenium Drought.

Scientists want Australian governments, federal and state, to adopt a zero pollution target for air, water and land.

Researchers are struggling against entropy to create the most accurate clocks ever.

New studies suggest that even if the world meets the Paris climate goals, it will lose a tenth of its mountain glacier ice.

Experts say urban megaprojects are depriving communities of their water-related human rights.

Diamonds are a quantum scientist’s best friend.

Experts say billions of dollars are on offer if Australia boosts bioenergy efforts.

Local experts are working on an organic, printable device to restore sight to the blind.

New stats show Australia installed its highest ever number of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in 2020.

Researchers have found that nano-tech augmentations can massively increase the effectiveness of cystic fibrosis drugs.

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