The genetic signal of Aboriginal Australians has been found in South America.

Australia’s scientific community has called on the Morrison Government to aim for net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

High-tech analysis has been applied to some of the oldest artworks in the world.

Authorities are moving ahead on Australia’s first biomethane-to-gas project.

Researchers have discovered a gene they say is linked to the deadliest type of breast cancer.

The 2020-21 La Niña event is over, but experts expect rain will continue.

A global study has found 64 percent of the world’s agricultural land is at risk of pesticide pollution.

CSIRO has welcomed planned US tests of its next-gen solar thermal technology.

Environmental water has brought a boom time for waterbirds in the Gayini wetlands.

Queensland researchers have come up with a carbon-capture process that could significantly reduce emissions from concrete production.

New research suggests physical pain among women is not taken as seriously as for men.

Australian scientists have developed a new safety test for bionic implants.

Working long hours appears to increase the chances of a second heart attack.

Funding has been granted for a system to provide solar energy on dark parts of the Moon.

Developers say that a high-tech ICU monitoring tool saved lives in Victoria’s COVID-19 second wave.

Experts are working on a ‘defence-grade cybersecure’ battery management system.

The Federal Government has backed research into using psychedelics to treat mental illness.

New research shows video gamers can significantly improve their esport skills by training for just 10 minutes a day.

Experts say that cancer treatments need more input from cancer patients themselves.

New research shows how incredibly sensitive the human finger is.

The NSW Court of Appeal has dismissed Kathleen Folbigg’s appeal, despite a push by Australia’s leading scientists.

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