Researchers have revealed the data informing the return of students to classrooms in Victoria.

Experts say Melbourne should give up some of its precious parking space to pedestrians.

Researchers have blown the whistle on faecal transplant studies that may produce misleading and false positive results.

An industry body says there is a national shortage of groundwater experts.

Experts say that over 1,500 of Australia’s unique ecosystems, on land and sea, fall outside Australia’s protected areas.

Researchers are testing a chlamydia vaccine for koalas.

Experts say the search for new natural products from the ocean is overlooking unique and potentially beneficial compounds.

The Moon appears to have been volcanically 'alive' for much longer than previously thought.

Plastic makes up 84 per cent of rubbish found on Australian beaches, a new study finds.

Experts are concerned about wetland springs that will feed the proposed Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin.

Scientists have worked out how to program DNA robots to poke and prod cell membranes.

An inquiry into the destruction of the Juukan Gorge rock shelters has called for new laws to protect sacred sites.

Running shoes have inspired a new material to protect buildings from impacts.

A Queensland researcher has come up with an algorithm to hunt down money launderers.

Scientists are reporting high levels of abuse over COVID-19.

US and Chinese researchers say climate change may lead to a reduction in how much the world spends on energy.

Experts say the Australian health sector can be a leader in fighting climate change.

A new study finds staff shortages could halve Australia's ICU surge capacity.

The Federal Government continues wafting in the vague direction of an emissions pledge.

Australian researchers have demonstrated smart microscope slides that can detect cancer.

Researchers have mapped the DNA of one of the world’s oldest dogs to create a better baseline for breed studies.

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