The Federal Government has laid out its plan for reducing carbon emissions, funnelling investment to ...

Researchers have developed a new test for crown-of-thorns starfish that works like a pregnancy test.

Australia has gaping holes in its natural disaster preparedness, according to someone who knows.

Experts say turtles could play a critical role in 'fish kill' clean-ups and the European carp cull.

Safety science as a research field has been declared “effectively stagnant”.

Australia's first commercial, space-capable rocket has been launched.

New research says the boards of big Australian companies are held back by male pack mentality.

Experts say the future of aged care must be built on better housing design.

New data suggests persistent fatigue occurs in more than half of patients recovered from COVID-19.

New research suggests we are what we eat, not what we weigh.

Australian researchers have won the prestigious Ig Nobel in Physics for a bizarre experiment involving a drunk worm and a subwoofer.

Dozens of experts have signed an open letter to the PM, saying Snowy 2.0 is turning into a “$10 billion white elephant”.

Australian engineers have invented a glove that simulates the sense of touch.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has been promoting carbon capture and storage in Australia, but there is serious concern ...

More major universities have announced job cuts this week.

DNA analysis shows the movements of Vikings outside Scandinavia, as they pillaged Britain and Europe.

The Federal Government is pushing for its renewable energy funding bodies to invest in non-renewable power sources.

New mineral-recovery techniques could make some low-grade mines more viable.

Australia’s environmental scientists are being systematically silenced.

The Australian water sector is helping South East Asian nations track COVID-19 in wastewater.

Local researchers have developed a new and easier on-site method to immediately and accurately detect and measure levels of PFAS.

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