Researchers have found a new species of extinct monk seal which lived in the Tasman Sea around New Zealand.

Melting glaciers in China’s Qilian mountains could create long-term water shortages, scientists say.

A new, long-term study has found ocean acidification is ramping up on the Reef.

Queensland doctors say they have found a potential cure for silicosis disease.

Researchers are looking for new treatments for a deadly disease caused by asbestos exposure.

Artificial Intelligence is now about as good as traditional methods for predicting health risks.

Australian researchers have developed a new machine learning program to speed up clean energy generation.

Australian experts are working on a prototype smart pet collar that will enable pet owners to track the location of their animal.

Australia’s best-known telescope has been given a traditional name chosen by Indigenous elders.

Australia has a new Chief Scientist.

A Melbourne lab is about to start brewing up the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Some positive results have emerged from a small trial testing magic mushrooms as a treatment for depression.

QUT researchers say social media analytics can capture the attitudes and perceptions of the public during a pandemic.

Experts say growing up in an impoverished neighbourhood may be bad for kids' brains.

New research suggests different ways of using social media are linked to different levels of risk for young people.

A new report finds ocean acidification is no longer a looming risk for the Great Barrier Reef – it is happening now.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx probe has gathered so much asteroid dust it could barely close the lid.

Australian engineers have come up with a powerful, low-cost method for making biodiesel.

Researchers say Australia should expect more mega-droughts.

New research may help SA farmers use water more efficiently.

Economists say Australia will lose more than $3 trillion over the next 50 years if climate change is not addressed.

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