Researchers have found significant flaws in about half of trials that supported new cancer drug approvals between 2014 and 2016.

Researchers have developed an electronic nose that detects chemicals in the breath of lung cancer patients, and can assess their response to potential treatments.

The Federal Government has put up $34.9 million for a research centre focused on kids in the digital era.

A new team of Australian experts has formed to support an Australian hydrogen industry.

An international research team is asking a deep question: when does childhood end?

Millions of Australians’ sensitive medical images and data have been left open.

Researchers have produced new reconstructions of Denisovans - some of our long-lost relatives.

Experts say there is not enough nutrition in medical education.

Queensland farmers are testing a biological fix for nitrogen fertiliser run-off.

Poor water management of the Murray-Darling Basin has led to an alarming decrease in platypus numbers, researchers say.

New research suggests Sydney's drinking water catchment is under threat from longwall mining operations.

One of the biggest occupational hazards for astronauts may seem mundane from our Earth-bound perspective - dust.

Some of Australia’s top scientists have teamed up with a Japanese chemical firm to build next-gen batteries.

Australian researchers have developed a technique to lock up PFAS in contaminated soil.

A Great Australian Bight oil industry would require decades of subsidies, experts say.

Authorities have released Australia’s first online frailty map to highlight gaps in service.

Chinese scientists have successfully transplanted genetically-edited blood cells into an HIV positive patient who also had leukaemia.

Napping twice a week may reduce the risk of stroke, new studies suggest.

Research engineers have come up with a cheap, thermoelectric device that harnesses the cold of space to generate electricity.

New research suggests our T-cell immune response depends on specific mathematics.

A new challenge national quantum-themed competition for game designers has been launched.

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