The Australian Academy of Science is “greatly concerned” about the cherrypicking and misrepresentation of scientific evidence.

Researchers have for the first time measured the heart rate of the blue whale, and found it drops as low as two beats per minute when they dive.

CSIRO is auctioning its historic collection of bull semen.

Scientists have completed a new study on the extinction of Australia’s megafauna, and say their demise was not only because of people.

New research suggests climate change will have a particularly negative impact on women.

Nursing students may soon face a barrage of insults and belligerence from a VR simulation of an angry patient.

A new study could douse fears of a looming superhuman future.

US researchers say over one in ten cancer patients die from heart and blood vessel problems, rather than cancer itself.

Australian medical research is in danger of becoming non-competitive on a global stage when it comes to sex and gender analysis, according to a consortium of leading universities and research institutions.

Leading research groups have joined the UN to warn of ‘overinvestment’ in fossil fuels.

Analysis has found Australian hydrogen export projections have been exaggerated by factor of up to 11.

Australian women have won a landmark vaginal mesh class action against Johnson & Johnson.

Coral researchers have been slaving over a radical new project, rearing millions of coral babies.

A new report warns Australia must stop burning coal by 2030 if it wants to help limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Codeine-related poisonings have halved since the drug became prescription-only.

The Victorian Government has put up funds to support a breakthrough 3D-printing technology.

Experts have investigated the evolution of one of the world’s most dangerous antibiotic-resistant pathogens.

A new mental health program is helping teens recognise and support peers at risk.

For years scientists have operated on the assumption that the universe is works under four fundamental forces ...

Synthetic biology could transform Australia’s agricultural sector into a $100 billion industry.

New recordings show the Earth singing a strange song when the Sun is having bad weather.

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