RMIT engineers have demonstrated a world-first, working, rechargeable “proton battery”.

Researchers have developed an online test to predict the risk of developing melanoma.

A large-scale study has found fake news online spreads far faster than the truth.

Australian tech researchers have made two silicon atom qubits “talk” to each other.

The University of NSW's Gonski Institute is preparing to investigate some of the trickiest questions in education.

Major universities have joined forces to set up a new centre for quantum science.

A new study has revealed some interesting insights into the health of Australian drinking water supply catchments.

Australia has been described as a global land-clearing hotspot.

Research suggests bilbies are hard-wired to avoid dogs as a result of co-evolution with dingoes.

Researchers say giving carp herpes may not be that effective.

The Federal Government has put up $2.5 million for research to combat endometriosis.

A new collaboration is set to speed up critical genetic analysis.

Providing stable housing may prove less expensive than providing health and other services to homeless people, according to new research.

Experts say the health benefits could outweigh the costs of implementing the Paris Climate Agreement.

Computer scientists have used public data shared by genealogy enthusiasts to create a massive, crowd-sourced “family tree”.

Australian researchers have made an important step towards making human kidneys from stem cells.

A new survey has found the traffic light policy for canteens can make food and drinks provided in public schools healthier.

A small CSIRO telescope in WA has been used to detect a signal from the first stars to have emerged in the early universe.

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