Australia’s healthcare system is responsible for just over 7 per cent of the nation’s carbon footprint.

A new study suggests home ownership would increase and most households would be better off if negative gearing was scrapped.

New technology is allowing researchers to see brain connections working in real time.

Two new studies have shed light on the impacts of two of the most common painkillers.

Tamper-proof opioids may have stopped people injecting them, but have not slowed the epidemic.

The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana has dropped among Australian teenagers.

The University of NSW will soon become fully solar powered.

Suspended Queensland chief scientist Suzanne Miller has been charged with 31 additional fraud offences.

Australian researchers are running human trials of a gas-sensing swallowable capsule.

An experimental new battery uses water as a central ingredient.

New research shows rising temperatures are turning almost all green sea turtles in a Great Barrier Reef population female.

The AMA wants a sugar tax to push people away from highly-sweetened drinks.

Queensland researchers have made progress on the quantum effects that could underpin future encryption methods.

Australian cybersecurity researchers have reported on serious bugs at the heart of millions of modern PCs.

Experts say we need alternatives to antibiotics to allow them to remain useful in fighting more serious ones.

Scientists in the US and China have successfully restored hearing in a mouse model of human genetic deafness.

Harvard engineers have created a single lens that can focus the entire visible spectrum of light — including white light — in the same spot and in high resolution.

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