Researchers have discovered rocks in northern Queensland that suggest part of northern Australia was actually part of North America, 1.7 billion years ago.

A new survey suggests algae has negatively affected migratory bird numbers in at the mouth of the Murray.

Satellite data suggests Great Barrier Reef bleaching has started early this year.

Millions has been spent on Great Barrier Reef projects that could make the issues worse.

The Federal Government has put up $26 million for 19 clinical trials to improve survival rates for rare cancers and other diseases.

One of the last remaining parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been deciphered.

New analysis shows 2017 was among the warmest three years on record – the other two being 2015 and 2016.

Swiss engineers have unveiled a lightweight and portable hand exoskeleton that can be controlled by the brain.

Fire authorities in New South Wales have released the results of a three-year study into fire alarms.

Australia’s genetic modification laws are in line for a shake up in response to new technologies.

Australian researchers are lending a hand in the development of an exciting new cancer test.

Queensland scientists are harnessing massive banks of genetic information to shed new light on modifiable health risks underlying common diseases.

Adelaide’s western suburbs will soon host a mission control centre for dozens of tiny satellites.

Rising carbon dioxide appears to be acidifying freshwater.

Universities Australia says around 10,000 university places will go unfunded this year due to budget cuts.

A new study says Qantas is the worst major airline when it comes to fuel efficiency and carbon emissions in trans-Pacific flights.

A Queensland tourism lobby leader has described a leading Great Barrier Reef researcher as “a dick”.

Researchers in Tasmania are looking for a way to estimate krill populations based on sound.

Engineers have developed a tissue-based soft robot that mimics the biomechanics of a stingray.

“Baby brain” — forgetfulness and other cognitive deficiencies during pregnancy — is a measurable and significant phenomenon.

A new study has found that food sources for commercial fish stocks will be affected by a changing climate.

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