Unions say CSIRO is planning to cut close to 60 staff.

The proportion of male teachers is dropping so rapidly that there will be none in 50 years’ time, a new study finds.

The SA Government wants the state play a bigger role in the multi-billion-dollar space industry.

A trial has tested new age therapies for chronic fatigue syndrome among children.

Researchers say armies of microbes battle it out to determine whether exotic marine plants successfully invade new territory.

A new study has revealed extensive loss of corals in Australia’s Palm Islands region over the past century.

University researchers are coming together to boost South Australia’s copper production.

The Bureau of Meteorology is setting up a new all-in-one platform.

Australian researchers say there may be a link between the brain's immune system and the desire to drink alcohol.

Queensland researchers have seen their work realised in the form of a 3D-printed shin bone.

Scientists have demonstrated self-reconfiguring modular robots that can merge, spilt and even self-heal.

Parkinson’s therapies could soon target an individual’s own unique brain, with a new technique developed by Australian researchers.

Carbohydrates could be the key to a successful malaria vaccine.

The Global Burden of Disease study (GBD) has been used to make global estimates for the state of the world’s health.

Pathological internet addiction should be recognised as a disorder needing treatment, an Australian expert says.

Aboriginal people were using fire management at least 41,000 years ago ...

A new combination of treatments has stopped melanoma ...

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will soon finish its 20-year mission to explore Saturn with a dramatic dive into the planet.

Almost everyone has some kind of back pain, and new research suggests it may actually be a defence mechanism.

Researchers have developed a lithium-ion battery with far lower fire and explosive risks.

Experts have drafted new national guidelines to help diagnose people with autism.

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