Crown-of-thorns starfish could grow faster as ocean acidification levels increase, a new study shows.

Australian chemical engineers have invented a new, cheap catalyst for splitting water to produce hydrogen fuel.

Data61 has reviewed blockchain tech for government and industry...

A 30-year-long study of Murray-Darling Basin wetlands has revealed the impact of dams and water diversion.

A UN report warns that Queensland may not meet water quality targets for the Great Barrier Reef.

Regardless of the United States’ recent decision, researchers have questioned the ambiguity of Paris Agreement pledges.

Malcolm Turnbull has ordered an inquiry into Chinese government influence in Australia.

Reports say a new CSIRO paper has been tweaked to show gas power in a more favourable light.

Diarrhoea still kills almost half a million children under 5 years old each year worldwide, despite the death toll being reduced by a third between 2005-2015.

Surgeons are combining augmented reality and virtual reality to perform sinus surgery.

A large cluster of Google’s Project Loon balloons have drifted over to Australia.

Researchers say we could soon have a single treatment for life-long protection from severe allergies such as asthma.

The Department of Defence has employed Australian engineers to develop advanced, new camera technology to monitor moving objects in space.

The most sensitive device ever created has picked up more gravitational waves, and uncovered a new black hole behaviour.

Experts say urgent research is needed on the long-term effects of concussion in young people.

Donald Trump has announced the US will withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

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