Experts say Australia needs to reduce the risks that people face in their golden years.

Stanford University engineers have developed a new way to charge devices wirelessly, while they are in motion.

Researchers have identified over 180 possible sites for pumped hydro energy storage across South Australia.

Chinese scientists have smashed the quantum entanglement record.

Children with FASD are more likely to fail at school, have attention problems and talk about killing themselves ...

Social and economic disadvantage could be an evolutionary trigger for children to hit early puberty.

Researchers have unveiled a new technique for stripping the cells out of the extracellular matrix surrounding them.

Polling suggests Australians support a low emissions target over an ETS ...

Researchers are investigating the idea of attaching defibrillators to drones.

Queensland researchers have released a decade’s worth of work on the genetic makeup of over 1000 microbes.

Researchers are working on a new robotic tool for stroke survivors.

Australian researchers have developed a way to store gas inside special materials, rather than pressurised tanks.

Japanese robotics company SoftBank is buying robot companies from Google’s parent firm Alphabet.

A South Australian lab is tackling both depression and being overweight together in a group intervention.

The long-awaited Finkel review has been released, offering a blueprint for Australia’s energy future.

Scientists and clinicians will soon benefit from an exciting new genome sequencing platform called NovaSeq.

Giving birth – mankind’s most primal practice – will soon benefit from high-tech help in the form of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Western Australia's chief scientist Peter Klinken has been made a Companion of the Order of Australia for his service to medical research and biochemistry.

Scientists have reported the discovery of a mind-bendingly hot exoplanet.

A new study suggests that not only can a foetus see, but that unborn babies can focus on faces.

Five Australian universities have made the top 50 in a new QS higher education ranking.

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