A new study suggests FitBits may not do much to help weight loss.

Quantum encryption technology is leaving the lab faster than the speed of light.

Russian authorities have arrested a robot at a political rally in Moscow.

Research says an oil spill from a proposed BP project could smash South Australian tourism and aquaculture.

A new study has some tips on how health promotion groups can get more online engagement.

A new global education report has found Australian class sizes are higher than average, but the Government insists standards are not lower.

Sex education is often negative, heterosexist, out of touch, and taught by poorly trained, embarrassed teachers.

A scientific review and moratorium on hydraulic fracturing begins in the NT today.

NASA is undertaking a high-tech review of the Great Barrier Reef's health.

Engineers are working on technology that could turn a t-shirt into a power plant.

New brain-sensing technology could reduce the amount of monkeys needed to type the complete works of Shakespeare.

Australian engineers may have big new weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

A symposium this week hopes to help doctors open up about their own mental illnesses.

ANU is looking for new ways to store renewable energy that can be integrated into the electricity grid.

A leading drug and alcohol researcher says we have to stop treating addiction and mental health separately.

Victoria will soon use drones to monitor fires and wildlife.

A British man has become the first to have his sight restored by a robot.

University drop-out rates have reached a record high.

A program aimed at getting girls into STEM is coming to Australia.

The Australian Education Union (AEU) has launched a war of words over the Federal Government’s latest education plan.

For the first time ever, carbon nanotube transistors have outperformed traditional silicon ones.

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