US Vice President Joe Biden has toured one of Australia’s top cancer centres.

Research has revealed the importance of our daily rhythms.

Critics see Pokemon Go as a danger on the road, but could it keep drivers safe?

Dispute resolution robots are gaining popularity worldwide...

Australia’s top eight universities have launched a new music video to highlight engineering as a career for women.

One of the biggest roadblocks to the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) has criticised Australian pharmaceutical companies.

Australian researchers have helped take the latest step towards a vaccine for Alzheimer’s.

Rapid changes in temperature have smashed vital Australian kelp forests.

Dutch engineers are testing technology that could clean the giant pool of garbage choking our ocean.

Consuming artificial sweeteners can trick the brain into over-eating.

Australia’s top scientists have declared “the end of AIDS” as a public health issue in Australia.

Australian researchers have designed a blood-based screening test in the hoping of reducing ‘futile’ chemotherapy.

Australian researchers have discovered a way to use ceramics as digital storage.

Australians have helped put a new mark on the scale of ‘Things-You-Shouldn’t-Need-Scientists-To-Tell-You’.

A special clinic will specifically target children who are not vaccinated due to complex medical conditions.

Scientists have grown new bones in the lab using some of the equipment designed to detect gravitational waves.

US scientists have some new ideas on what wiped out the dinosaurs.

Australian scientists have improved the performance of tiny lasers by adding impurities.

NASA’s Juno spacecraft will reach a crucial stage of its five-year journey through space today.

Engineers at MIT have used carbon nanotubes to make a tiny new mobile chemical sensor.

China has finished work on the world’s biggest radio telescope.

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