The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare (ACSQHC) says rampant over-prescription is adding to the ‘superbug’ threat.

Experts say Australian coal dust exposure limits are not meeting international standards, and should be more stringent.

North Queensland will see the world's first large-scale trial of gut bacteria transplants as an obesity and diabetes treatment.

Engineers have developed a new way to turn electricity into light.

Australian tech-heads have improved the method for detecting the entanglement of quantum particles.

Researchers say working out after learning can help boost memory retention, if timed correctly.

Australian scientists have helped detect the gravitational waves emitted by colliding black holes for the second time.

Biologists have wrestled for years with the question of when snakes lost their legs.

The Australian Government may finally get to see the F-35 stealth fighter next month.

Australian researchers have found a way to squeeze more out of rechargeable lithium batteries.

A new panel is in place at the Australian National Botanic Gardens to honour Australian scientist Dr Max Day.

Australian researchers are testing tiny satellites to be launched from the International Space Station.

Past El Niño events appear to have amplified global climate fluctuations.

Scientists have spotted one of the ways that our brains deal with the millions of different scenarios we face.

Researchers are working out how to create three-parent babies.

Experts in high-tech healthcare want better sharing of genomic information.

Neuroscientists have discovered a distinct and previously unknown pattern of brain injury from high explosives.

A new study has found that most antidepressants for children and teens work about as well as placebos.

Wild weather has again smashed Australian coasts, but could it be a sign of things to come?

Researchers can now make real-time observations of the gut’s nervous system.

Energy security does not mean lower emissions, experts say.

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