New research suggests you’re covered in bugs and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Social stereotypes about race and sex may become hardwired in our brains, a new study suggests.

Australian experts are looking at crypto-currency coding to boost government services.

Climate scientists say green targets set at COP21 in Paris are too ambiguous.

Researchers say they may have located the wreck of the HMS Endeavour.

Authorities say the Federal Government has missed the opportunity to show leadership on nature and climate action.

CSIRO has avoided major cuts in the new budget, and there are calls for job cuts to be delayed.

Experts say that as dry days increase and water supplies disappear, large part of the Middle East and North Africa will become unliveable.

Anti-CSG arguments were stoked by recent footage of a river on fire, but experts say the video is not all as it seems.

A trio of Earth-like planets have been found orbiting an ‘ultracool dwarf’ star not too far from our own Sun.

Engineers have used a single atom as a camera, snapping images of nanoscale materials.

Engineers have taken design tips from the humble cactus to transform electric vehicle technology.

UK experts say e-cigarettes could be of great benefit to public health.

Research has shown that a huge chunk of Australians at risk of heart problems are not getting proper treatment.

Australian engineers are developing and testing new technologies in a three-year project to get fossil fuels out of the sugar industry.

Researchers have mapped words as they move through the brain, to build a high-tech semantic atlas.

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