A small study suggests magic mushrooms could help with treatment-resistant depression.

Australian engineers have set a new world record for sunlight-to-electricity conversion.

Australian physicists are putting themselves out of a job, using AI to perform Nobel Prize-winning work.

Engineers have unveiled a stretchable solar-power generating skin, complete with tiny embedded batteries.

Australian researchers are questioning the effectiveness of antidepressants, after a clinical study suggested many might be taking them unnecessarily.

Australian engineers have unveiled a breakthrough new microscope, two decades in the making, opening up a new window into the scientific world.

Mental illness is the largest and fastest growing source of disability in Australia and more needs to be done to improve the stakes.

Star-gazers continue to seek an elusive ninth planet in our solar system.

A massive genetic study indicates that educational achievement could be written in our DNA.

The shadow minister for innovation Kim Carr has been spotted at protests over the planned shedding of 275 jobs at CSIRO.

Experts have reflected on the lessons that poo can teach about antibiotics.

Shockwaves are surging through the equestrian world after research found nosebands and double bridles cause unnecessary pain and suffering to horses.

The Climate Council of Australia (CCA) has warned that the fate of the Great Barrier Reef could be sealed in the next term of Federal Government.

Australian experts have used Antarctic ice core samples to reconstruct rainfall records for a specific water catchment for the first time.

Australian archaeologists have found the world’s oldest known axe fragment.

Australian wastewater researchers have won an award from the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

Surveys have revealed a significant decrease in cannabis use by young Australians.

A novel metal called Tritanium is the basis of an amazing new replacement spine.

The Federal Government may have funded the next big technological leap.

Data collected by a smartphone app has revealed social pressures are depriving people of sleep, and creating a “global sleep crisis”.

Researchers have designed a portable and cheap kit that changes colour when it detects the Zika virus.

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