A new Australian study says particularly social bugs like ants and bees may have something to teach us about building resilient infrastructure.

A new discovery could see more tourists visiting one of Australia’s already best-known sites.

Top scientists warn that the CSIRO’s “trashed” reputation will see the next generation of experts seek work somewhere else.

Environmental experts want new conservation efforts to focus on some of Nature’s "ugliest" creations.

New modelling suggests that wild climate variability of the future will make the wettest land wetter, and soak dry land too.

There is more criticism this week of the recently-negotiated TPPA and its impact on public health schemes.

Australian tree experts have helped foil a horticultural heist.

Australia’s top companies, across all industries, do better with more women on their executive teams.

Another day, another step forward in 3D-printing, as engineers announce they can now print in graphene aerogel.

As rates of childhood obesity continue to skyrocket, new research shows there may be a surprising was to encourage a healthy diet.

New research backs up the idea that eating peanut products as a baby can help avoid the risk of allergy.

Virtual reality will soon be a big part of many people’s lives, but little is known about the possible psychological effect of life in a false world.

ANU research says one in three families will be worse off under the Federal Government's planned changes to child care.

Over three years after their pay agreement expired, vocational education (VE) staff at RMIT University still do not have a new one.

The chiefs companies hit with serious lawsuits often end up with a better reputation.

Methods for measuring blood pressure have not changed much in the last 100 years, but researchers at Monash University say they are set to revolutionise the scene.

Dolphin research has revealed a new social behaviour for the first time.

There is a big push to break down the ‘silos’ in science, but new research suggests it is possible to go too far.

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