A survey of farmers has found many are concerned about looming threats, but feel unrepresented.

The millions of microbes we all carry can change the way our DNA works.

A new diabetes twin study has shed light on the environmental factors behind the condition.

Going to sleep in a huff after a late night argument lets the anger seep deeper, researchers say.

MIT engineers have made water freeze at a temperature that would normally boil it.

Trials of a much-anticipated new Alzheimer’s drug have failed.

Product placement of real-world gun brands in video games does not appear to affect attitudes towards the gun, a new study shows.

Australian researchers have helped demonstrate a key element of quantum computing.

Dealing with mental health at work could save the economy billions.

Almost half the CO2 released during the process of making cement over the last 70 years has been re-absorbed by the material through a process called carbonation, say international scientists.

Scientists say threats to agriculture should be faced in the least efficient sectors first.

Thousands of researchers have been brought together with the launch of the Future Earth Program this week.

Australia’s entry in Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition has been unveiled.

High-tech sensors and citizen scientists have tracked down a new meteorite in WA.

While record levels of coral bleaching continue, this year’s Great Barrier Reef spawning season has gone fairly well.

Australian manufacturers are removing dangerous substance from their antibacterial soaps.

Concerns have been raised about the high rate of forced ECT and low legal representation of mental health patients.

Some experts are concerned about plans to install Chinese technology on one of Australia’s most powerful supercomputers.

Funding has been lined up for the rollout of world’s first malaria vaccine.

The most advanced weather satellite ever built has been fired into space.

From antibiotic resistance to water purification in disaster zones, some of Australia’s top academic efforts have been honoured.

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