Impulsive gaffes, inappropriate comments and short fuses are common among the famous and powerful, and new research suggests it could have a biological basis.

Academics have used lessons from nature to predict the downfall of humanity.

A recent survey has found that one in 10 Australians display strong feelings of Islamophobia – negative and hostile attitudes towards Muslims.

Australian engineers have come up with a hyper-sensitive new form of graphene, which brings some exciting possibilities.

Researchers say they have found a brain marker for autism that can be detected by MRI and is present as from the age of two.

SpaceX has successfully launched a new climate change satellite into space, but has seen another of its Falcon 9 rockets explode during a failed landing attempt.

Using smaller plates could help Australia battle its bulging waistline.

A study from South Australia has shown how important it is for senior citizens to be enfranchised by public transport.

Mammals, including humans, are easily identified by the layers of fuzz and fur that cover their bodies, but a new study has looked at an arguably more important feature - the presence of complex, highly sensitive ears.

NASA is giving students and citizen scientists a chance to explore the surface of Mars – virtually.

Research suggests that increasing the cost of the cheapest alcohol leads to a reduction in consumption.

“Knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch that illuminates the world,” Louis Pasteur famously said, but the reality of modern research is that it often stays in the dark.

Australian experts have used high-tech tracking techniques to find one specific rock in outback South Australia.

British engineers have come up with a new design for one of the world’s most common inventions – the toilet.

Studies say most pregnant women have never heard of a virus now considered the leading non-genetic cause of disability in newborns.

Australian researchers have started the year on a high note, with the creation of an entirely new type of sound wave.

A futuristic summit in Adelaide has seen experts gather to better understand the medical risks associated with space travel.

Exciting research at MIT could be a new way to combat cancer.

The world has never fully eradicated a parasite, but with the help of former US president Jimmy Carter, it could be set to do just that.

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