Researchers at the University of Queensland (UQ) have developed a rheumatoid arthritis treatment that targets the underlying cause of the disease.

The merger of some of Australia’s finest minds could see close to 200 of them unemployed.

Australian researchers have discovered a blood-clotting enzyme that could allow heart attack and stroke patients to avoid potentially risky drugs like Warfarin and aspirin.

The Group of Seven world leaders’ conference in Germany has finished with a pledge to ‘decarbonise’ the global economy.

The Victorian Government has put up $15 million to get the ball rolling on a $350 million specialised heart hospital at Monash University.

Australian researchers are working on a way to use macadamia nuts as a 3D-printing medium.

A new report says 60 per cent of Tasmanian nursing graduates cannot get jobs.

Hedge fund billionaire John Paulson has donated $US400 million ($AU520 million) to Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the largest gift in the school’s history.

High-tech brain scans have shown that learning phonics works.

A new study adds to the growing pile of evidence that ‘helicopter parenting’ is not useful.

Australia’s Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) has signed a deal with global chemical giant Bayer to bring new herbicides and pesticides to local farms.

Australian researchers have discovered that cerebral palsy has an even stronger genetic basis than previously thought.

An experiment at ANU has shown that the universe remains mind-bogglingly weird.

One of the US military’s futuristic creations has become untethered.

MIT engineers are trying to improve on the abilities of one of the strongest substances in nature.

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