A small Australian native bird has become the first species other than humans to be observed communicating in a simple form of language.

A new study has found that more than one in ten complaints of sexual harassment at work are reported by men.

Researchers are calling for the introduction of internationally recognised principles to guide gambling research.

Victoria's first wave power unit is ready to be dropped into water off the state's south-west coast later this year.

British bio-engineers are embarking on a project to create custom blood.

Presented with the problem of getting robots to navigate small and oddly-shaped environments, many engineers might suggest an array of software, sensors and other high-tech add-ons.

Australian researchers have played a key role in the discovery of a way to control the stem cell behaviour responsible for the spread of bowel cancer.

An odd coupling of business, union, environmental, investor and welfare groups has come together to push for action on climate change.

Swedish scientists have built a neuron using organic bioelectronics.

Recent studies have found that human are probably not the only self-aware animals.

Rural Liberals want to officially question the validity of climate science, putting concerns on the agenda for its upcoming federal council.

Figures show people living in low socioeconomic areas in Australian capital cities are almost twice as likely to die prematurely and almost five times more likely to be receiving unemployment benefits than people living in the most advantaged area.

New pictures have been published of a wild and toxic lake system, filled with methane and other hydrocarbons, but authorities say there is nothing to worry about.

Research has revealed physical differences in the brains of people who respond emotionally to others’ feelings, compared to those who respond more rationally.

Claims of toxic contamination in Tasmania’s drinking water have kicked off an academic war of words.

A study of over 50,000 Twitter posts has shown where Australian politicians ‘really’ sit on the left-right divide.

Researchers have for the first time discovered how some animals sense the Earth’s magnetic field.

Australia researchers have discovered a way to extract uranium from brannerite, a mineral mining companies have long-viewed as a waste product.

Australian researchers want to ease the burden of back pain with their new invention – the smart chair.

Bioengineers have created a fully functioning engine that runs on the evaporation of room-temperature water.

North Korea claims it has developed a vaccine for MERS, Ebola, AIDS, tuberculosis, cancer, morning sickness and a range of other diseases.

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