Researchers have hacked into a remotely-operated surgical robot, to see what chaos could be caused by such a high-tech hijacking.

Microsoft’s new wearable hologram projector could revolutionise building and architecture.

A new report suggests tinnitus is caused by multiple areas of the brain, not just the part that perceives sound.

When modifying behaviour, researchers have investigated whether the carrot or the stick is a better tool.

An Australian academic says businesses still prize humanities graduates when looking for new employees, even when their studies have nothing to do with the job.

Australian researchers have developed the world’s first screening test to find a woman’s risk of developing common pregnancy complications.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says he will step in to bat for CSIRO staff, amid strikes and threats to research centres.

Research engineers have done what they do best – pinched ideas from nature to use in their own high-tech designs.

Australian researchers are working on a portable, highly sensitive method for gold detection, which could allow mineral exploration companies to test for gold on-site.

Two Australian engineering students will get a chance to test their hypersonic ideas in a project that could revolutionise modern transport.

Academics are investigating whether pig poo could fuel farms of the future.

It may soon be possible to turn any kind of donated blood into a universal donor.

Good news for coffee addicts - research shows the brown brew can have antioxidant effects.

HECS will soon be collected from Australians living overseas.

Local researchers have discovered how the jaw is formed, in an exciting research project that provides clues to new treatments for craniofacial defects and common sporting injuries.

Genetic researchers have successfully corrected the most common mutation in the gene that causes cystic fibrosis, a lethal genetic disorder.

New figures reveal the five coal companies that receive most taxpayer-subsidised diesel via the notorious Fuel Tax Credits scheme.

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