The Federal Government has acknowledged that Co-operative Research Centres earn more than they cost, but will cut funding to them anyway.

An Australian study says early childhood is a key time to build resilience against post-traumatic stress.

Rugby players are helping researchers understand the repercussions of concussion.

Australian research engineers are working on a system that could vastly improve the efficiency of electric motors.

The Industry Minister has unveiled 29 new offshore areas for oil exploration at an energy industry conference.

British engineers have printed a radio frequency antenna using compressed graphene ink, in what could be one of the first commercial applications for the high-tech material.

The Federal Government has backed plans for a new medical school in Perth, but the Australian Medical Association (AMA) is not enthused.

An Australian expert says the Ebola epidemic has thrown the spotlight on the shortage of health care workers in Africa, with many countries facing major challenges to rebuild.

The United States is moving to fast-track the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), while the residents of other signatory nations demand to know what is in store.

Reports are in from a trial of a solar power generating road in Europe, and it appears ot have gone quite well.

Annual performance reviews are common across many industries, but new research suggests they may be missing the point.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten focused on science, technology and education in his budget reply speech overnight, vowing to push Australia to the cutting-edge.

The first ever comprehensive report on global addictions has revealed Australians smoke less tobacco and drink less alcohol than the British, and we take more illicit drugs too.

A research balloon the size of a stadium has turned up on a property near Muttaburra in central Queensland.

Cyborg carp have been released into the Murrumbidgee River near Bredbo, south of Canberra.

Research money has been re-jigged in the latest federal budget.

An Australian researcher says the idea of the household pet could undergo a big tech upgrade.

Australian researchers say  two-thirds of deaths around the world go unreported.

A new guide has rated Australian universities for their acceptance and inclusiveness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) students.

This week’s Federal Government budget launch could be hampered by vocal protests from unionised government workers across many sectors.

A big Australian research project has found electronic cigarettes can help smokers to give up.

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