A new study has investigated how the human auditory system represents time within a sound.

Scientists are testing a drone that drops beneficial insects onto crops.

Researchers have created an exciting artificial photosynthesis system, which captures carbon dioxide and uses solar energy to convert it into plastic products and fuel.

Engineers at Disney Research Labs have made some improvements on their fabric-based 3D-printer, which can churn out anything from a blanket to a teddy bear.

Bio-engineers have grown cardiac tissue on a bed of genetically-engineered spiderweb.

The state governments of Queensland, NSW and Victoria have joined forces for medicinal cannabis clinical trials.

Researchers at MIT are developing a new wearable device that turns the user’s thumbnail into a miniature wireless track pad.

The Abbott government has given $4 million to the University of Western Australia so that renewable energy investment sceptic Bjørn Lomborg can spread his message.

Astronomers have detected complex organic molecules - the building blocks of life - orbiting in a disc around a young star.

Official figures show the renewable energy sector has lost almost 2,500 jobs in the last two years.

New research suggests that depression and back pain could be caused by similar genetic factors.

A video game study could show how the human brain justifies murder.

The Federal Government is funding research into new ways to develop Australia’s unconventional gas resources, including coal seam gas, shale gas and tight gas.

New research shows attending a private school has very little bearing on a student’s results.

Engineers have used some high-tech devices to find out why human skin is so resistant to tearing.

Scientists say some parts of the world are covered in earthquake detection devices, but they are not being used.

Research suggests exercise itself could be the best way to avoid liver disease, diabetes and cardiovascular problems, rather than just counting kilos.

Neurological studies have shown some key elements in the early development of autism.

New research suggests there could be a genetic basis for some kids’ inability to pay attention at school.

Some obvious concerns have been raised about DIY electrical brain stimulation kits, which are growing in popularity due to claims that they enhance mental performance.

Marketing research shows the accent of a service employee can impact a customer’s experience.

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