Local research body the Climate Council says the probability of drought in Australia will increase, and they will become more severe.

Chicken wire linked on the nano-scale could be the key to real-time, high throughput DNA sequencing, which would revolutionise medical research and testing.

A study using over a decade of data has found no evidence of negative effects in livestock fed on genetically-modified foods.

New figures show gay men earn around 20 per cent less than their heterosexual counterparts, while lesbians out-earn heterosexual women by at least 33 per cent.

Researchers are unravelling the puzzling paradox of the seahorse’s tail.

Australian research engineers have created a ‘Google Maps’ view of the body.

Experts have embarked on a quest to build the next generation of robotic underwater mining systems.

Experts have received a massive $39 million in collaborative research grants from the Federal Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

Biomedical engineers have developed the first fully implantable micro-pacemaker designed for use in a foetus.

A new age of solar energy and information is dawning in Queensland.

More Government-funded research into the health effects of wind farms will be undertaken.

New research suggests playing can be a lot of hard work.

With potentially harmful chemicals accumulating on children’s playgrounds around the country, researchers have studied how effective simple cleaning techniques may be.

Modern science and ancient Indigenous knowledge should be much more closely linked, one expert says.

New figures show Western Australia's universities suffered a significant drop in income in 2014.

The Senate will vote on the Government’s metadata retention bill today, and it appears almost certain to pass with the blessing of the party technically considered the Opposition.

The University of Sydney will surround a reef with robotic eyes, to spy on the creatures that live there.

New research suggests the biodegradable claims on some plastic containers may not be all they appear.

Business simulation experiments have shown simple interventions could increase compliance by company directors whose companies are undergoing liquidation.

A beautiful, ingenious and miniscule Australian native has been caught on camera, but researchers believe it may be the first and last time.

Robots will change the Australian workforce in the next decade, according to some.

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