The Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics will soon switch on a machine dubbed ‘W7-X’ – a mind-bending device that could usher in a new age of nuclear fusion energy.

The Canberra Institute of Technology’s (CIT) Woden campus will close sometime near the end of 2017.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has hinted that his government will fund the final two years of the Gonski education model.

A far-reaching CSIRO survey has found Australians views on climate change run on distinctly political lines.

The nation’s leading water scientists are pushing for the Federal Government to take underground water storage more seriously, as future threats loom.

Researchers from over 20 international institutions have announced a joint initiative to accelerate the search for an effective HIV vaccine.

High-tech geological studies have revealed a network of ancient river systems buried hundreds of metres beneath arid regions in Western Australia.

Ancient Australian knowledge could be on the menu in the next generation of space-food.

Researchers have made a robot out of DNA that could one day wander the body hunting for cancer.

China says it will build the world's largest super-collider in 2020, in an effort to understand more about the Higgs boson.

University researchers have taken an in-depth look at Australians’ views on cultural diversity, immigration and social cohesion.

Australian scientists have discovered a potential new treatment for tuberculosis, a disease rapidly gaining resistance against current medical therapies.

An Australian engineering firm is about to start a trial of the world's first wave energy microgrid power station.

Local engineers have put together an outline for what could one day be a fully-functioning quantum computer processor.

West Australian research­ers are using stem cells and 3D-printers to regrow parts of patients’ skulls.

Tasmania’s naturally cool climate has grabbed the attention of global tech firms, who say it could be the perfect site for large data-centres.

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