The almost accidental discovery of a metal dubbed ‘stainless magnesium’ could one day make cars and trucks lighter and more efficient.

Two of Australia’s richest people have donated $10 million to Melbourne University to enhance the teaching of history.

Many spend hours in the gym each week filling up on protein supplements in the quest for a ripped physique, but all that hard work and money spent on sweet tasting powder could be in vain.

Research has revealed a significant drop in the number of new teenage smokers, with the reduction attributed to plain packaging laws.

A new review says closing the gap for Indigenous eye health is very much a possibility.

Experts are urging China to curb its use of antibiotics in animals to avoid a ‘major health catastrophe’ for humans.

Two pharmaceutical giants are considering a merger that would create the world’s biggest drug company.

Australian experts have discovered that the ocean lights up with secret forms of communication between marine animals, and they might have applications in satellite remote sensing, biomedical imaging, cancer detection and computer data storage.

Australian marine experts are working on new ways to monitor whales non-invasively, sending airborne drones to have a look.

An international research project says the introduction of agriculture may have changed the DNA of ancient humans.

Australia has successfully landed a C-17A Globemaster on Antarctica – making it the largest cargo vessel ever to touch down on the frozen continent.

Australian engineers are seeking a clearer view from space.

When it comes to drawing blood, most patients would want to lose as little as possible, but a new study suggests one drop may not be enough.

While there seems to be millions of ‘miracle’ treatments for stretch marks on the market, experts are only just finding out what the marks actually are.

An important research project has found what young women thought after they saw the film “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

A new study says drinking two or more cups of coffee a day may have significant health benefits.

Tasmanian experts are back from an Arctic research project where they used a variety of robots to map sea ice.

As populations grow and the planet dries, the need for safe, potable water will only continue to expand.

NASA scientists have discovered that Pluto is still geologically-active – a finding that has shocked many of those involved in the New Horizons mission.

People say ‘the Internet of Things’ a lot these days, but the concept may not actually be new.

A new study has looked at just how much of our useful, natural microbes are destroyed by antibiotics.

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