Australia now houses the world’s only research institute dedicated to dealing with broken brains.

New research suggests Australians foresee a future where their society is more skilled, but less friendly and moral.

Cancer Council SA has produced a study that it claims shows e-cigarettes do not help smokers quit their deadly habits.

Japan is ignoring an international ruling and resuming whaling in Antarctic waters.

Australian scientists have produced a laser device that could create a new international standard for temperature.

Australian researchers have developed a new, cheap, non-toxic polymer that sucks mercury out of water and soil.

Engineers in the US have created a prosthetic ‘skin’ with embedded circuitry that can send messages directly to the brain.

The next wave of prosthetic teeth could be churned out of a 3D-printer.

Researchers say they are close to completing a blood test that can accurately detect the presence of Alzheimer's disease.

The world's premier solar car race is rolling out of the Northern Territory, leaving from Darwin onon a 3,000km run to Adelaide.

In just a few years it will be commonplace for people to have their entire set of DNA sequenced, but many do not want to know what is in store.

High levels of toxic metals, found in and near mining towns, appear to be negatively influencing the brain development of children living nearby.

The giant ball of iron in the middle of the Earth is closer to having a definite age.

Deakin University has responded to vocal criticism of its decision to allow a Muslim group to hold workshops at its Melbourne campus.

University studies have found no negative environmental impacts from coal seam gas exploration in a key NSW catchment.

Humans are changing the natural balance in oceans in many more ways than previously thought, research suggests.

Melbourne University is set to become one of the cheesiest in Australia.

The ACT Government wants electric car maker Tesla to set up a research hub in Canberra.

The AFL has put up money for the first comprehensive study on the brains of retired football players.

NASA is crowdsourcing the next step of its mission to Mars.

A university student has developed a new and improved method for measuring the environmental impact of uranium mining.

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