Small bricks of compressed rice husk could save Nepalese women and children hours of hard labour and improve their health.

Australian scientists have sought answers to an age-old question – what is premenstrual syndrome (PMS) about?

The University of New South Wales has a new head of mining engineering, bringing in a expert form years in the field.

Engineers and physicists at the Australian National University (ANU) have built a tractor beam.

Researchers are looking at how woodpeckers manage to avoid injury as they engage in high-velocity impacts with trees.

The NHMRC will fund five teams looking at different elements of dementia.

A new system will introduce collaborative, three-dimensional digital sketching to offices, classrooms studios and more.

Australian researchers are embarking on a project to create better-performing and more capable information technologies.

A life-saving solar-powered toilet has been developed for a UN-backed project to improve global sanitation.

A spongy plastic that soaks up carbon dioxide could ease the transition away from polluting fossil fuels and toward new energy sources, researchers say.

Extra GST money allocated for Tasmania’s health system has not been spent they way it was meant.

In an automated, robotic future, the common task of folding origami may no longer exist.

The humble household is a major source of wasted food, with millions of tonnes ditched in Australia each year.

Two incredible breakthroughs have added to the dictionary of the smallest phenomena in the universe.

Taking a just a few trees from a tropical forest reduces biodiversity, a study shows, suggesting that “selective logging” may not be a sustainable practice.

Climate change may not always be a global phenomenon, or at least not a uniform one.

A new study has revealed an incredibly simple way to identify a narcissist – just ask them.

Researchers have used advanced techniques to turn back the evolutionary clock.

A large shell-shaped structure is sucking tonnes of rubbish out of a river for free.

Australia’s chief research group has finally taken delivery of its incredible new science vessel.

A scandal is emerging around the anticoagulant drug dabigatran, marketed as Pradaxa.

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