A new study says private school might not be so beneficial.

A new study shows physically fit kids have beefier brains than their less fit peers.

While sex-ed is commonplace in schools, sexuality education is almost totally lacking.

An experimental energy company has secured $US2 million to build a molten salt reactor that eats nuclear waste.

Conservationists are pushing for an overhaul of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, saying it has failed in its duties.

Australian researchers say people should be more aware of epigenetics, and the various ways that a parent’s experiences can filter down to their child.

Stretchy bands of graphene could be used to make a new generation of implanted sensors.

An incredibly rare Australian fish has been bred in captivity for the first time.

Harvard engineers have demonstrated how 1,000 robots can swarm together in harmony.

Engineers have created a material that  can read its environment and change colour to blend in.

An Australian expert says the world needs better standards to reduce breast cancer mortality.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has taken a darker turn, with armed men attacking a quarantine centre in Liberia.

Internet activists have fought back against an online gender imbalance.

A new study shows that teaching can be a good way to learn.

Research suggests that before a child is one year old, they already understand important differences between living beings and inanimate objects.

Not only are many Australians unhappy with the major political parties, their satisfaction with democracy itself has dropped too, a study shows.

Government cuts to the CSIRO’s infectious disease research could not have come at a worse time, staff say.

The World Health Organisation says it is ethically acceptable to use unproven drugs and vaccines to fight Africa's Ebola outbreak, but there are already arguments over who should receive the short supply.

New analysis shows renewable energy is becoming the cheap and reliable option, while the uncertainty of gas requires a roll of the dice.

Media owner Rupert Murdoch says Australians should be greatly sceptical of climate change and its impacts.

Bio-engineers have created a brain-like tissue that shares some functions with our own grey matter, and they kept it alive in a lab for over two months.

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