No matter the language or socio-economic class, a new study shows memory is the key to learning.

Clearly, young children learn a lot from their older siblings, but new research has revealed some of the ways that sibling-teachers ply their pedagogy.

A fisheries study has shown that the noise a vessel makes can attract invasive pest species.

NASA says satellites can predict massive floods nearly a year before they occur.

Australian researchers are working on one step of the process that could see quantum information teleporting around the world instantaneously.

Researchers have developed a mathematical model to examine online social networks, looking at whether we prefer to copy our friends or go with the opinion of the masses.

Budget cuts to universities were inevitable and deregulation will enable the sector to deal with the fallout, one vice-chancellor says.

Change is on the wind, and scientists say it could have impacts beyond previous predictions.

Researchers and engineers love crystals, the majestic paragons of order and strength, but some scientists say the world should get more comfortable with the disorder and chaos of the ‘anticrystal’.

A new device could let women turn their fertility on and off at will.

Researchers have mapped 500 previously unknown microorganisms and 800 new bacterial viruses in the human intestine.

A Korean research team has demonstrated some of the incredible education opportunities provided by 3D-printed learning aids.

The Federal Education Minister has officially opened Queensland’s first dual sector university.

Leading scientists say that with dams dropping, El Nino looming and clear long-term threats from climate change, now is a terrible time to scrap key bodies overseeing water reform.

CSIRO employees are seeking urgent talks with Industry Minister Ian MacFarlane, hoping to preserve hundreds of jobs.

Australian researchers have put sound to work, with a new method to build micro- and nano-structures using acoustic waves.

A new technique could allow organs to stay alive outside the body for days after being harvested.

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