Authorities from Australia and around the world say Antarctica faces major risks, and more must be done to help.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) lives on for now, and the Prime Minister has been handed his first option for a double dissolution.

A new Australian invention could see a massive reduction in wastewater at mine sites, while boosting value too.

A friendly pile of junk will be making its way across Canada in an experiment to see if robots can trust humans.

A new smart-phone app designed by Australian researchers could save lives soon.

Better products for the building industry could be just around the corner, with local authorities working on a new age of green manufacturing.

Three new centres will help bring exciting Australian medical research into the real world, with over $19 million for a healthy future in New South Wales.

Scientists have reported some success in efforts to grow an eyeball in a laboratory dish.

Mosquitoes may be used for the opposite of their usual purpose, in a project releasing swarms to reduce dengue fever.

Australian researchers are boosting their technological ties with the US, and energy efficiency will be the big winner.

Science has added some data to the observable trend that coolness in high school does not last.

The brain is an incredible processing tool that can jump from thought to thought almost instantly, and a new study says the ability to think quickly may come from harmony between regions.

A building at a leading Melbourne university campus has been renamed in honour of education leader Professor Leo Foster.

The University of Newcastle is getting serious with its plans for a new inner-city campus.

Experts will discuss the economic goldmine that is the brain at a talk in Sydney this week.

Just months after it was first commissioned, CSIRO's Australia SKA Pathfinder is now working as a fully fledged radio telescope.

Several issues have combined to reduce the level of corporate social responsibility in Australia, a study says.

Faster and smaller electronics of all kinds may come from a new manufacturing technique developed in Australia.

University of Adelaide researchers are claiming a game-changing result in tests for a new cancer treatment.

A potentially revolutionary water saving device has seen three Australian students represent at a global engineering competition in Amsterdam.

Local researchers are working with colleagues worldwide on a major project to improve understanding and capability to control invasive animals.

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