Researchers have used electrical stimulation of the brain to induce “lucid dreaming”, a state in which the dreamer is aware and in control of their dream.

Harvard researchers have grown a section of the human heart for testing, complete with an inherited cardiovascular disease.

‘Bad’ cholesterol has become worse this week, with Australian researchers discovering it helps the spread of cancer throughout the body.

A new study may show why we cannot recall the very earliest parts of life.

New work at a local lab will help Australia play a greater role in the development of nuclear medicine - radiopharmaceuticals for cancers, heart disease, muscular and skeletal conditions.

The Federal Education Minister has given the strongest indication that university fees will be deregulated next week.

A cheap technique has been shown to reduce Albatross deaths at sea by over 90 per cent.

New ways to assess vegetation in natural ecosystems around Australia is being made possible, by a research project combining computer vision and environmental science.

Everything from irrigation and hydropower to stinger season and whale watching will be impacted by a project mapping virtually all of the world’s glaciers.

Just as for some humans, an alluring smell causes ants to make poor judgements.

Nano-technicians have developed a new fabric that kills a range of infectious bacteria in minutes.

Galactic archaeologists have uncovered new insights into the formation of the earliest galaxies by observing the chemical signatures of ancient ‘fossil’ stars

Australia’s wizards of titanium printing have unveiled their latest product - a mouthpiece that could save lives.

Engineers have used a genetic approach to create a material that can protect against electromagnetic radiation over a wide range of wavelengths.

Canadian engineers have shown off their early prototype for what could be an entirely new category of mobile device.

Researchers have warned that the dangers of large lead smelters are going unchecked.

Necessity was the mother of an invention which could improve access for the wheelchair-bound worldwide.

Researchers from Alzheimer’s Australia say the country is facing a wave of dementia, and one community is at much greater risk than the others.

Energy engineers say floating nuclear power plants could avoid some of the pitfalls of their land-based predecessors.

Recent discoveries suggest that the blood of the young may help regenerate old muscles and organs.

Australian experts have helped add to the periodic table, confirming the discovery of its latest element.

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