A postgrad student has deciphered a letter dating back 1,800 years, written by an Egyptian soldier serving in a Roman legion in Europe.

Despite many universities and school condemning the use of Wikipedia as a legitimate source, a new study says thousands of research papers happily cite the open source encyclopaedia.

Few school subjects illicit the kind of fear and abjection that mathematics can, but researchers say there may be a genetic reason behind it.

Sea anemones are essentially half plant, half animal.

A new set of maps will establish a clear baseline for Australia’s soil organic carbon stocks.

Studies have revealed new functions for the elusive narwhal’s giant tusk.

NASA has released a high resolution recreation of the Moon’s north polar region, allowing intrepid internet users to explore the lunar surface form the comfort of their computer chairs.

Billions could be saved by better consideration of water resources in relation to the global food trade, research suggests.

There is no doubt that plants are excellent, but a team of MIT engineers are looking to cutting-edge materials to make them even better.

One of Australia’s chief research groups is setting up a centre to focus on the true causes of serious accidents and injuries.

Physicists have discovered evidence from the first few billionths of a second after the universe formed.

A looming wave of terminal liver disease could be combated by government funding for powerful new drugs, researchers suggest.

A clinical study for a new leukaemia treatment has shown a remarkable rate of remission.

Genetic researchers have caused a bacterium to evolve a resistance to radiation damage, highlighting the mechanisms that make it possible.

New developments could see the end of giant coal, gas or nuclear turbines, and the rise of electricity gathered by simple movement and friction.

Research has shown the power of teaching and learning maths with hand gestures.

As many lament the decline of respect and values among today’s youth, a recent study has shown the effects that older generations’ habits can have on young people’s perspective.

An experiment has shown just how much can be gleaned from metadata, and why it should not be released too freely.

A new centre has been funded to study the effects of one of the world’s most dangerous professions.

A Queensland team has embarked on an academic quest to save a tiny frog from extinction.

Days are numbered for the poorly timed still-frame slideshows that dominate business meetings worldwide, with researchers working on the next generation of data presentation.

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