The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) says that cheap genetic tests ordered online are like everything else purchased that way – sub-standard, unhelpful and likely misleading.

The Federal Government has provided a $31 million dollar funding package for more studies into water quality in the Great Barrier Reef.

The Prime Minister says the Government has “very, very significantly improved” its GP co-payment plan, by reducing the amount and shunting responsibility for collecting it onto GPs.

A new study says people who sleep for short periods of time and go to bed very late at night experience more negative thoughts than those with regular sleeping hours.

NASA’s newest space ship has made a 12,000 kilometre round trip to see if it could survive a 32,000km/h dive into the atmosphere.

Chemical engineers have developed a form of “artificial evolution”, which could be a big step towards the goal of man-made life forms.

The University of Sydney and Rio Tinto are extending their autonomous mining research partnership after several successful years.

Researchers say time and energy are being wasted almost every second of every day, due entirely to the letter ‘S’.

A team of university experts has warned that the risks of coal seam gas mining could play out before governments get around to responding.

An international team of scientists has developed a malaria drug that tricks the immune system into destroying infected red blood cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

The intravenous (IV) fluid currently recommended for the majority of hospitalised children worldwide should change, a new study says.

Local researchers say they have broken the record for converting sunlight into electricity.

A new study says that not only is corruption not inhibited in many big businesses, it is actually a central strategy.

Researchers say long-term social, behavioural and educational impacts can come from poor language skills among disadvantaged children.

The Federal Court has disqualified and fined 5 former directors of Australian Property Custodian Holdings Ltd (APCHL) for breaching their directors’ duties and making an illegal related party payment of more than $30 million.

Research has shown that DNA can survive a flight through space and back into Earth's atmosphere, while keeping its genetic information intact.

Australian engineers are changing the world - one uncomfortable breast at a time.

Australia’s first body farm may be one of the least appealing locations for many, but researchers say it will be a dream to have so many corpses in one backyard.

An extraordinarily deep investigation of sewerage could have implications for protecting the environment, energy recovery and human health.

Australian storm-chasers and weather-watchers will be pleased to know that the nation’s first mobile weather radar is about to fire up.

Researchers have demonstrated a device which can be implanted in the body, destroy bacteria, and then dissolve safely.

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