New software could add a greater depth to our understanding and ability to model evolution.

New research says people who speak more than one language can process information more efficiently and more easily than those who only know one.

An Australian National University (ANU) Nobel Prize laureate has added to his list of accolades, as part of a team awarded one of the science world's most highly valued prizes.

NASA says the Earth is running out of water, and it will require a worldwide shift in thinking to recover.

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane has issued an official press release slamming the Labor Party for giving up on the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

Tasmanian researchers have launched a commercial-viability test of equipment that can capture endless supplies of clean energy from the ocean.

Engineers in Finland have demonstrated an exciting new technique for generating electrical energy; harvesting power from vibrations.

Raspberry has released a new version of the Pi computer – a tiny credit card-sized Linux PC that costs less than $25.

A local think tank says the Australian coal industry is using overblown and hyperblic claims to make itself seem more influential and important than it really is.

A research team led by The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) Research Institute has created a human stem-cell disease model of Parkinson’s disease in a dish.

The tech world is looking to aid the fight against Ebola, as the outbreak nears its 5000th fatality.

A new study has for the first time shown an association between children’s grasp of musical rhythm and grammar.

The UK could be heading for the same science-sceptical funding arrangements that have taken over the Australian Government.

Strong questions are being asked just days after the Government announced it would try to facilitate more Australian health workers helping the fight against Ebola in West Africa.

The Federal Government has poured almost $100 million into Australian research, giving $30 million for university infrastructure and $70 million for 200 new research projects.

Monash University has undertaken a twenty-year running investigation into the health effects of the Hazelwood mine fire.

The delicate dance of two photons has allowed researchers to clear one more hurdle on the long path to the quantum-computing future.

The scientific world has a new machine at its disposal, with a novel tool to provide better designer organisms.

Milk is good for growing bones – or so the old adage goes, but new research suggests this is probably not true.

In the war against Ebola, one big hurdle has been cleared by a tiny mouse.

In a world-first, scientists have observed an important process in the formation of tumours.

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