A recent research project may have taught some participants about the dangers of internet complacency, and showed the level of ignorance about easy security measures.

Attempts to visualise the size and shape of the universe have boggled even history’s greatest minds, but it is getting easier.

A new policy will let university med school applicants find a place more easily.

A new research facility will allow Australian engineers to grab hold of the future, and carve it with some incredible machinery.

Coral spawning has been used to judge the potential effects of dredge spoil and pesticide pollution on marine environments.

Japan will kill just 333 minke whales in the Southern Ocean next year, after it unveiled its reduced whaling “research” programme.

Concrete action to boost the resilience of the Great Barrier Reef has been showcased on a global stage.

Work on Australia’s largest mine ever will be underway long before its impacts are understood, reports say.

Europe's science probe Philae has gone quiet for a bit, after making its mark on global media, the scientific world and the comet on which it landed.

University of Canberra will embark on a $2.8 million research project to monitor the effects of water delivery in the Murray Darling Basin.

Australian engineers have trained an army of robots to fight the scourge of e-waste.

Go Home On Time Day was on this week - a day for awareness about the risks of working too hard.

Engineers have found a way to rapidly prepare frozen red blood cells for transfusion, which could make cryogenic transport even better.

Engineers have built a nanowire system that could be used to power photonic computer systems.

Reports this week claim that powerful anti-psychotic medication is being overprescribed to Australian children.

Training is underway for Australian medical professionals who may have to fight an Ebola outbreak.

A new study suggests that playing action video games like Call of Duty can actually improve learning capability.

The Australian Government has announced it will seek a new free trade agreement, this time with the nation of Germany.

The US Government has struck a deal with tech giants to build the world's fastest supercomputers to date.

For those who think science is not romantic, a new study on kiFor those who think science is not romantic, a new study on kissing may not help.sing may not help.

A new clinical practice could dramatically reduce the risk of fatal diseases during leukaemia treatment.

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