The African tigerfish has a habit that many suspected but no-one had seen, until it was caught on camera by South African researchers.

A study has shown the risk of tragic birth complications is nearly twice as high for babies conceived by assisted reproduction.

Fish migrations will be interrupted by the drying climate near Australia’s coast, according to a new paper from Murdoch University.

Funding has been awarded to a number of projects aimed at creating a truly sustainable fisheries industry for Australia.

Australian scientists have contributed to an international report urging world governments to better protect large carnivores, saying a decline at the apex will flow through the food chain.

Research engineers in the US have designed a micro-windmill that yield a tiny new level of energy gathering.

A recent test has suggested that a focused ultrasound beam can improve sensory awareness.

A European team will conduct a study to see if our anti-bacterial, super-sanitary world could be doing more harm than good.

A new development could one day spell the end of wall-plugs and chargers, after a team was able to beam power from one device to another almost a metre away.

Questions have been answered about the complex array of bacteria that live in and on our bodies, one of the most exciting and expansive new fields of biology.

A new technique may bring a totally renewable reality a little bit closer, improving the ways electricity from wind and solar can be stored.

Anti-whaling activists aboard the Sea Shepherd have found their Moby Dick, uncovering and interrupting a Japanese whaling fleet at the start of the new season.

An intriguing device has emerged from the minds of Swiss engineers to make a cube which can walk around, balance itself and stand up on a single corner.

New research has shown a drug used for treating epilepsy may allow adults to learn as easily as children do.

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