A new study says a little bit of Zen could unlock doors in the classroom.

Australian authorities say a new report shows a large proportion of negative health conditions are caused by substance abuse and poor mental states.

A new national centre is being established to allow a deeper level of research into the disparity in health and healthcare for Indigenous Australians.

Some maintenance work will soon allow a South Australian telescope to peer into the yawning expanse of space once more.

Scientists at the University of Alaska say that warming trends and sea ice declines are leading to changes in the vegetation of arctic coastal areas.

One of Australia’s most prolific ecologists and freshwater scientists, Professor Sam Lake has been awarded the highest honour that can be given for outstanding scientific contributions to limnology, the scientific study of inland waters.

Researchers have taken a profound step forward in human-computer interactions, with one scientist successfully controlling the hand of another via brain interfaces and the internet.

An international team of researchers have found that Africa’s most versatile crop may be the genetic gift that keeps on giving.

A new discovery will require an addition to the periodic table, with the confirmation of a previously unknown element in Europe.

A new study has found that in some circumstances a flu vaccine can lower the risk of heart attack by 45 per cent.

Three Australian institutions have been recognised for their efforts to combat wheat rust diseases, receiving the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) Gene Stewardship prize.

Findings published in the latest edition of Nature Geoscience reveal that water from deep within the Moon’s ancient interior has made its way to the surface.

It seems Neolithic man may be less primitive than we imagine, with new research showing the culinary habits of ancient cooks bordered on gourmet.

A ground-breaking plant is being set up in Newcastle, the first site in the world to turn carbon emissions directly into bricks and pavers for construction.

Researchers are plotting the evolution of a strain of avian flu currently spreading in China, finding that it emerged in tandem with a similar flu that can infect mammals.

New research being undertaken by the Queensland University of Technology seeks to help small mining and exploration companies, but may have slightly missed the mark.

Data shows that around a quarter of infants admitted to hospital with flu symptoms during swine flu outbreaks of 2009 developed other serious complications, another important reason for parents to vaccinate their kids, paediatricians say.

Genetic coding through genome editing has reached a new level of precision; enhancing the ability to edit and alter an organism's DNA.

A new report has found drivers of expensive cars are less likely to obey the road rules or be courteous to other motorists.

Asthma is made worse by exposure to pollution from traffic and wood-fired heaters, a new University of Melbourne study has found.

Queensland researchers have found a small fish that knows a good trick to avoid being eaten.

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