The Group of Eight (Go8) has called for applications under the new research leadership executive shadowing program between the Go8 and Consortium of China Nine Research Universities (C9).

The program, which has been awarded funding of $100,000 by the Federal Government, will enable senior research and research training executives from Go8 universities to spend two weeks at a C9 institution, and vice versa. The visitors will observe the host university’s operations and decision-making processes, and gain insights into research management and leadership issues in the partner nation.

This program will facilitate career development of university leaders including Deputy Vice-Chancellors Research and Pro Vice-Chancellors Research/Research Training, and deepen research and professional engagement between some of the main discovery universities in Australia and China, as well as foster mutually-advantageous activities including staff /student exchanges and joint research projects.

Senior medical researchers and those responsible for sourcing private medical funding will meet later this month with community and business leaders to discuss new ways for health and medical research to be funded.

The Australian Government has called for applications under Round Six of the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund,  which provides support to Australian  and Indian scientists for the conduct of joint research projects and workshops in specified research areas.

Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University has published its annual Academic Ranking of World Universities (AWRU), finding that American and British universities continue to dominate global rankings of tertiary education quality.  

The American National Science Foundation (NSF) has published research that indicates that Artic sea ice melt could temporarily stabilize or expand at times over the next few decades.

ANU scientists have successfully bent light beams around an object on a two dimensional metal surface, opening the door to faster and cheaper computer chips working with light.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has announced its support for the creation of a co-operative research centre (CRC) for Cotton Regions.

Australian Laureate Fellowships worth over $44 million have been awarded to 17 Australian and overseas researchers.

The Western Australian Government has called for expressions of interest in a suite of new programs under the Research and Innovation Fund.

South Australia's first industrial-scale wind tunnel has been launched by the University of Adelaide.

Engineers at Deakin University are looking for research, manufacturing and funding partners to further develop a new car design that combines the best features of a car and a motorbike.

Native vegetation must be restored to protect Australia’s unique ecosystems from the impacts of climate change, according to scientists from the Australian National University.

A new Queensland Centre for Social Science Innovation (QCSSI) is to be established with funding of $5 million  from the Queensland Government over the next five years matched collectively by The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, James Cook University and the Central Queensland University.

The Federal Government has announced a ‘world-class’ space research project which aims to improve weather forecasting and understanding of climate change, to be funded by the Australian Space Research Program (ASRP).

CSIRO’s Dr Neal Wai Poi will lead the development of a major new international mining and mineral processing research centre based in Santiago, Chile.

The CSIRO have deployed three deep-ocean moorings that will be used to observe and measure change in currents linking the Pacific and Indian Oceans through the Indonesia Archipelago, which is considered a key factor in influencing Australia’s climate.

Federal Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr and China’s Minister of Science and Technology Dr Wan Gang have formalised a new Australia-China Science and Research Fund in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in Shanghai.

The Australian Federal and Victorian State Governments are jointly providing funding of $3.5 million to further develop plastic solar cells currently being produced in Victoria.

The NSW Government has appointed a Health and Medical Research Strategic Review Committee to develop a 10-year plan for medical research in the state.

The second annual report on innovation in Australia has shown that our performance in the area of research and skills has been above OECD average and our performance in entrepreneurship is one of the best in the world.

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