CSIRO has launched the Organic Geochemistry of Mineral Systems Cluster to bring geochemistry researchers together from across the globe to investigate the organic and inorganic geochemistry of minerals.


The scientists are internationally recognised in different geochemical disciplines and the Cluster will draw on complementary capability from UWA, CSIRO, Curtin University, The University of Melbourne and The Australian National University.


Scientists will use their expertise, local mineral system knowledge and the latest technologies to assist industry in unearthing new mineral deposits and help develop cost-effective exploration tools.


Energy and Minerals Director Tim Shanahan said that this unique scientific Cluster provided an exciting opportunity for Australia to gain national and international exposure to the capability that exists at UWA for solving industry challenges in exploration.  


"We have the skills in Australia to solve industry's key challenges and CSIRO is recognising that there is world-class talent and advanced facilities here at UWA and at other Australian research institutions that can work together to deliver results," he said.


The Cluster will work closely with CSIRO's Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship which uses multi-disciplinary global expertise to transform the Australian minerals industry with revolutionary new technologies to solve technical challenges.


The CSIRO Mineral Systems Cluster is supported by a combined $3million in funds from the CSIRO National Research Flagships Collaboration Fund and a matching $3 million in-kind contribution from the University partners.